The People’s Voice

Who, or what is the Peoples Voice? It is the voice of the ordinary man in the street, whose voice normally is ignored by large businesses and government alike.

The Peoples Voice – speaking up for the silent majority whose silence is deemed as consent for Government, Banks and Big Business to ignore their rights to a fair and prosperous life in favour of greed, contempt and protection for the privileged.

Any of these statements ring true with YOU?

Big Business and the Banks ARE today’s Government – forget the three mainstream parties, they do what they are told.

The Banks have financed but crucified the United Kingdom at the same time – they have not been made to pay for their roughshod destruction of the British economy because the Government dare not admonish them for fear they loose their (puppeteer) support.

Political parties are controlled by those who finance them (see above), rendering individual politicians effectively impotent, one lone voice = absolutely zero.

Politicians are little more than pawns of Big Business and the Banks.

Your local MP is invisible on local issues – he/she is just a number in a London centric party-political machine.

There really is no difference between the political parties  – whoever funds them.

You don’t have any individual rights or influence on anything. What’s the point of speaking out?

Your local Council is just a political clone of national Government or opposition. Very little gets done because individual Councillors MUST follow their party political line – even, ironically, so-called Independent members.

Big Businesses have created monopolies in products and services that are fundamental to life in the UK, resulting in an ever decreasing standard of life.

What we have stated above is but a mere fraction of the issues we feel face us today. You will probably have your own thoughts – and this is what we are all about. If you join The Peoples Voice, you will be able to join with other like minded people* who wish someone to speak out with an authoritative voice on behalf of the vast silent majority in the country. Collectively, we will take your views and present them in a coherent fashion to the media and Government itself – and demand change. Remember, even large business needs customers – together we can influence change and, more importantly, respect for the people who buy their products and who elect our Government. JOIN US NOW.

On the following pages, you will find some of the existing issues we will be tackling over the coming months.

*Members will NEVER be identified without their specific permission.


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